Putting together the right in-house team of HR and Staffing Professionals on your own can be costly and inefficient. We have the capacity to work directly on-site at your company, giving you the opportunity to have an in-house professional team at your fingertips, while providing significant cost and time savings for your organization.

Benefits of using Thomas Executive Resources In-House:

The cost per month to support multiple recruiters, agencies, and job postings on your own is huge.  We can cut those costs for you by one-third or even half.  Our advanced technologies and network of top professionals make us extremely efficient, and our economies of scale allow us to pass the savings on to you.  In addition, we pay for ALL job postings, resumes searches, and background checks, eliminating your need to carry different vendors and pay for unexpected costs. Our clients also enjoy the cost reduction from not having to use any other traditional contingency or retained staffing agencies.

One of the greatest benefits of using Thomas in-house is the flexibility that it provides. We create a customized staffing solution for each assignment that we work on, and can tailor our resources to meet your ever-changing needs.  No more cookie-cutter approaches and having to hire new contract recruiters when things ramp up or keep permanent recruiters on board when things slow down. Instead, we can spend a little or a lot of time on-site at your company, allowing you to easily control workflow as your business needs change. Need to hire 25 people in the next 6 months? No problem, we've got you covered. Hiring freeze expected in the next 9 months?  Feel free to "lay us off" and not pay a penny when things are slow.  In addition to the large cost savings that this brings, our flexibility also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that we're there for you when you need us.

By using Thomas, you will have access to our database that contains thousands of quality candidates across all levels and functions. Our fully-interactive website allows each of our Recruiting Managers to work directly with qualified candidates and see resumes in real-time so that you're never missing out on top talent.  In addition, we have the capacities to integrate any existing applicant tracking system that you may have with our database. But we don't stop there.  Whereas many other on-site staffing firms rely solely on pre-screening software to filter and send you candidates, our Recruiting Managers recognize the need for a balanced approach between technology and the human side of recruiting.  We take the time to individually pre-screen all applicants over the phone or in person, ensuring that you'll never miss out on a great candidate simply because a software program didn't think he/she was qualified. 

Each Recruiting Manager that we send to you is a permanent employee of Thomas, is trained in every aspect of the staffing process, and holds the same philosophy for recruiting.  Why is this important?  First, by being a permanent employee of our company, each Manager has a stake in how we do business, guaranteeing that you receive nothing but the highest level of customer service.  Second, because everyone has been trained under the same approach and philosophy, you get a consistent, streamlined process unattainable through hiring different staff members on your own.  Also, we pride ourselves on not just being a recruiter for you, but also a resource.  We want you to turn to us with any staffing issue that you may have, and be confident that we can design a strategy and solution to meet what you're looking for. We truly do act as a one-stop-shop for all of your recruiting needs.

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